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We are currently converting a dismissed Sugar Cane refinery into a modern Aluminium Recycling Plant. This project will meet all the EPA requirements and will receive an EPA Permit.

Complete and advanced air-cleaner equipment will be installed.

The factory is located in a rural area outside of city limits.

The project qualifies for the Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund (QTI) from the state of Florida.

Our new plant in Clewiston, FL will also consist of:

  • A brand new Foundry: equipped with a modern melting furnace and a continuous casting machines with electro-magnetic stirrer, for production of special alloys in different shapes (ingots, billets for extrusion and forge and big plates). The productivity of this plant is about 20,000 tons per year.
  • A complete and advanced metallurgic laboratory: equipped with spectrometers and metallurgic microscopes.