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ATIO USA LLC in an American company with headquarters in Clewiston, FL U.S.A.

The Company’s mission is to research, develop and produce special aluminium alloy from scrap and wasted aluminium parts.

ATIO USA LLC employs an exclusively designed induction system and an innovative horizontal continuous casting technology in the development and production of high quality cast and formed aluminium alloys in different shapes, by recycling aluminium scraps.

ATIO USA LLC production, due to the raw material used, is considered a “GREEN” product.

ATIO USA LLC is also able to produce bus bars, anode beams and anode rods for the newest generation of electrolysis cells.

Our daily commitment to meeting all the growing requirements of our customers guarantees smart and highly innovative solutions.

We are certifying our operations to the following standards: ISO 9001, AS 9100 Rev.D